Tribler 7.3

Download torrent files anonymously using a Tor-like onion routing network

Tribler can help you share various types of contents by using the BitTorrent protocol. It has the obvious advantage of letting you find what you need directly from its interface. In this regard, it can search not only on some video sharing sites but also find what other Tribler users are currently sharing.

The program has a straightforward interface in which tabs take you straight to the desired function. The first of these tabs shows the results of your searches. The second one, in turn, allows inspecting different content channels that are available. Channels are the way Tribler users share and promote torrents. They can be filtered and marked as favorites for easy future reference. Moreover, you can use the program to easily create your own channels. Besides, the channels that many users have marked as favorites receive credits, which means that they become visible to others. In addition to its features that allow finding and sharing contents, Tribler can also work as a BitTorrent download manager, with the possibility of accelerating, pausing and stopping your downloads. It has an integrated video player as well to let you preview movies without installing a third-party program.

In general, Tribler represents an innovative way to share different types of data. It lets your computer act as an exit node, which helps other users transfer contents anonymously. In terms of copyright and intellectual property issues, I recommend its users to make a legally responsible usage of this tool.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It’s easy to use
  • It allows creating your own channels
  • It doesn’t require trackers for finding contents
  • It has an integrated video player
  • It can be accessed remotely though a web interface


  • Some users complain that the program does not track the amount of traffic accurately
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